Friday, February 17, 2012

Muslim Extremist Wanted to Blow Up People in Capitol

Moroccan Amine al Khalifi, who had illegally stayed in the US after his temporary visa ran out, received what he thought was a bomb vest and a firearm so that he could go martyr himself by killing people in the US Capitol.  Fortunately, this was a sting operation by undercover FBI agents.  However, he would have happily killed dozens of people, had the devices been real, because he was a religious fanatic.  Many religious fanatics of all stripes think this way.  The main distinction with Islam appears to be that they put their money where their mouth is, whereas a lot of Christian extremists just run their mouths while being too chicken$hit to actually follow through.  But there are certainly plenty of religious terrorists, including the Hutaree militias, abortion clinic bombers, and even the Oklahoma City bombers.  We can't forget about the Branch Davidians either who were armed to the teeth with a million rounds of ammunition.  In that light Khalifi is not really so different from some of these Christian extremists who would probably take similar actions if they were presented with the same opportunities.

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