Friday, February 17, 2012

Muslim Extremist Wanted to Blow Up People in Capitol

Moroccan Amine al Khalifi, who had illegally stayed in the US after his temporary visa ran out, received what he thought was a bomb vest and a firearm so that he could go martyr himself by killing people in the US Capitol.  Fortunately, this was a sting operation by undercover FBI agents.  However, he would have happily killed dozens of people, had the devices been real, because he was a religious fanatic.  Many religious fanatics of all stripes think this way.  The main distinction with Islam appears to be that they put their money where their mouth is, whereas a lot of Christian extremists just run their mouths while being too chicken$hit to actually follow through.  But there are certainly plenty of religious terrorists, including the Hutaree militias, abortion clinic bombers, and even the Oklahoma City bombers.  We can't forget about the Branch Davidians either who were armed to the teeth with a million rounds of ammunition.  In that light Khalifi is not really so different from some of these Christian extremists who would probably take similar actions if they were presented with the same opportunities.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

If Whitney Houston Was A Baptist Then Obama Is A Catholic

It's starting to become increasingly obvious that Whitney Houston had a serious alcohol and probably drug problem which was not under control and a lot of people had to be intentionally looking the other way to not notice it.  There's the image and then there's the reality.  I mean Houston is technically a Baptist, after all, at least in theory.  My understanding is that Baptists generally frown upon the idea of clubbing and getting shitfaced in public, which seems to be exactly what Houston was doing. It would be like Rick Santorum buying jumbo packs of Rough Rider Condoms.
And yet I suspect that Whitney would have labelled herself, perhaps loudly, a Baptist, despite the fact that her Baptismal font was probably filled with Everclear instead of water.  If Houston was a Baptist then Obama's a Catholic.  I mean Obama did go to a Catholic school for a couple years.  However, at least he has the decency to not claim that this makes him a Catholic, any more than attending a muslim school for a few years made him a muslim.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Freedom of Religion My Ass.

Oh the phony fury of dress-wearing Catholic Bishops wanting the "freedom of religion" to keep oppressing women.  It really is ludicrously over the top for the Catholic church, an organization that arrested, tortured, and even executed people for "heresy", to scream that they are being persecuted on the grounds of religious freedom.  What is the persecution they're screaming about?  Asking them to do what everyone else is required to do.  That's so unfair.  At issue is asking them to cover a MASSIVE $20 per YEAR average cost for contraception, and now OBAMA says it will be required by law to be FREE.  But FREE still isn't good enough, if you are an insane fanatic, which the Catholic leadership definitely are, even though the average catholic is perfectly sane and reasonable by comparison.  Yes, most Catholics are A-OK with contraception.  Only the extremist idiocy of the church leadership has a problem with.  Don't believe me.  Well you're wrong.  Here are the actual FACTS.  The OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of Catholics SUPPORT CONTRACEPTION.  As in 98% of Catholic women support contraception usage.  The church leadership does not own the church.  The church membership is the church, not the people who undemocratically claim divine right to rule it.  The leadership are only the mafia gangsters (literally, in some cases) who hijacked the church for their own selfish benefit.  

Here's another FACT.  Catholic leadership has been preaching single-issue opposition to Democrats since Roe v. Wade, and that issue has been their OPPOSITION to freedom of choice.  They said to oppose Mondale, and Dukakis.  They said to oppose Clinton, Gore, Kerry, and now Obama.  You can never make a fanatic happy.  They even opposed Carter, and Carter was adamantly against abortion.  Screw them.  They will always instruct church members to vote against Democrats, and members will ignore them like they have been for decades anyway.
The fact is that Catholics have a doctrine of "primacy of conscience", but the church leadership doesn't want its members to be able to think for themselves and exercise it.  They demand that their followers march in lockstep with the pope even though there is NO EX CATHEDRA ruling on ABORTION, so their TEACHING IS NOT BINDING ON ANY CATHOLICS.  Yep, the Catholic church is too chickenshit to make this an official policy, because they know it would be the nail in their coffin.  So they do everything short of this, and this is the reason for the hysterics.  

Unfortunately for the Catholic church, Obama has outmaneuvered them once again.  He has given them a deal that makes real Catholic women, and non-catholics employed in these organizations as well, while technically being "revenue neutral".  This makes the church look even more out-of-step than ever, and increases Obama's stature with moderates, independents, and women, who are the people disposed to vote for him anyway.