Monday, February 11, 2013

Ding Dong Benedict Resigns. Term Limits for Popes?

Pope BeenADick has been the pope now for 8 years, but is now doing perhaps the most beneficial thing of his entire career, which is to resign from it.  He is quoted as saying, "I recognize my incapacity", but many of the rest of us recognized this before Ratzinger even elevated himself to this ill-considered position.  He was clearly far beyond retirement age even when he started as the Pope.  Granted he may have been more mentally functional than John Paul II.  However, so were most carrots on an average day.

As expected, his abortive little stint in the bully (literally) pulpit of Church was one last ditch effort to turn the clock back in many ridiculous ways.  Fortunately it failed.

However, his 8 year reign of errors does bring up a point about the terms that popes serve.  Even American presidents only serve 8 years.  Surely we shouldn't have to suffer popes even longer than that.

BTW, we can only hope that the Catholic leadership will seize this opportunity to find a progressive leader, though I wouldn't hold my breathe.  One could be waiting for a lot more than 8 years for that.

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