Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Pope Frankie Forgets Who He Is. Asks Other "Who Am I...."

Don't get me wrong.  The current Pope Francis is clearly better than the pompous little peacock otherwise known as Pope Benedict XVI.  Pope Frankie is actually embarrassed by all the pageantry and aristocratic silliness of the Papal office.  For example, not many people remember that, before the "Popemobile", the pope was carried on a cushion seat with poles and 12 people acting as human horses.  In that sense Pope Frank may be OK.
But when he tries to spin the church's position on homosexuality by saying, "Who am I to judge..." one is tempted to ask, did Pope Frankie really just forget who he was right now or what?  Either he forgot his name tag at home or he thinks the rest of us are dumb enough to buy this transparent dodge.  Clearly the Catholic Church judges homosexuals, and as his leader is the the Judger-in-Chief.  So don't give us that B.S. line about not judging them, especially when you go on, in the same interview to talk about it being a sin, and how they need to be forgiven for being born to be attracted to the same sex, just like straight people are born to be attracted to the opposite sex.  All the rest of his sideshow of carrying his own luggage and being a man of the people can't distract from 1600 year record of the Church being very judgmental indeed.
Who am I to judge...yeah right and I bet the check's in the mail too and I won't cum in your mouth....

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