Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Texas women using $2 miscarriage pill to get around new anti-abortion laws

Anti-abortion theocrats have passed new copycat laws anti-abortion laws in Texas designed to restrict womens' access to abortions.  As critics have pointed out, this will not stop women from seeking to end unwanted pregnancies.  Instead, they will probably use a pill that is available in Mexico and Latin America for about $2 called cytotec or "star pills".  Its technical name is misoprostol, and it's usually used in combination with mifeprestone, which together is commonly known as RU486.  By itself Cytotec is only 30% effective at inducing abortions, but it is cheap and easily available.  More importantly, it can be used to make it look like a miscarriage took place, in which case the woman can go to the emergency room and get taken care of, most likely on the taxpayer's dime.  It's popular in Latin America where abortion is largely illegal due to sharia-style restrictions demanded by the Roman Catholic Church.  However, even the RCC can't put every woman in jail who has a miscarriage.  While insurance will not pay for abortions, even under Obamacare, insurance will pay for "miscarriages".  So all Rick Perry and Co have effectively done is forced women to game the system and potentially created even more expense, and more big government than ever before.

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