Sunday, January 19, 2014

Martin Luther King Was NOT a religious fanatic

As the nation observes Martin Luther King day this year, many people wish to subvert and co-opt his messages to advance their own agendas.  Some religious fanatics, and fundamentalists point with glee to the fact that King was a highly religious man.  But as this article demonstrates, King was not a religious fanatics, or a fundamentalist bible-beater, or a social conservative like they are.  MLK noted that, "my college training, especially the first two years, brought many doubts into my mind. It was at this period that the shackles of fundamentalism were removed from my body."  He likewise goes on to say, "This is why, when I came to Crozer, I could accept the liberal interpretation with relative ease."  Yet you will find people insisting that King was a religious fanatic.  Instead, King underscored how a person could be a religious "fan", without being a "fanatic".  It's kind of like the difference between someone who is a sports fan, versus someone who feels compelled to riot in the streets their his or her favorite team loses.  King may have marched in the streets, but he did not riot.  He left that to the fanatics who were often arrayed against him.

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