Sunday, January 19, 2014

Anti-Abortion Extremists Lose Again In North Carolina

A federal judge has struck down North Carolina's recent extremist anti-abortion laws which had required medically unnecssary ultrasounds and the reading of religious propaganda . Religious fanatics in the state has sought to legislate their religious views by mandating that women wishing to get abortions view ultrasound images of the fetus against their will, while having a doctor, against his or her will, read an ideological statement prepared by the legislature.  The federal court rightly felt that compelling healthcare practitioners to read anti-abortion propaganda messages, as well as forcing women to view images and listen to the messages violated Constitutional rights.  North Carolina joins Oklahoma in having its latest anti-abortion legislative gimmicks struck down.  Not that such laws would have accomplished anything anyway.  They were simply more random obstructionism intended to inconvenience their political opponents, and increase the cost of obtaining this legal procedure.  Since they lack the ability to outlaw abortion they are instead attempting to curtail it with red tape, and cumbersome bureaucracy of the type that right-wingers usually swear on a stack of Bibles that they will never support.  But don't expect these people to have any consistency, or to even tell the truth in the first place.  Their cognitive dissonance is truly a marvel to behold.

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