Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When in doubt look up...but it won't help

Another annoying religious slogan one sees all the time is "When in doubt, look up".  Gee, if it was that easy then doubt would be extremely rare, since every single human who has ever lived looks at the sky, usually multiple times per day.  It still doesn't seem to resolve any significant issues, however. Looking up still doesn't convince atheists that there is a God up there in the sky, and looking up doesn't do anything to address whether Muslim, or Hindus, or Catholics, or Mormons are correct on matters of theology.

What this slogan really appears to be saying is that, when we doubt a religious idea we should "look to God" for answers, but that appears to be rather circular.  If we are doubting a particular religious belief, why would the answer be to introduce even more religion into mix.  That would be like saying that, if you break your leg that you should "look up" and perhaps try to break your neck as well.  Perhaps a better prescription would be to stop doing the thing that was creating the problem in the first place.

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