Saturday, December 28, 2013

Dumbf*ck Dynasty Dimwit Phil Robertson Prevails

In case you thought that stupidity might not prevail, remember that this is reality TV we are talking about.  Most people watching Duck Dynasty, like the individuals on it themselves, are proud of being stupid.  That, more than anything, is their IDENTITY.  Of course they expected A & E to back down from the phony, contrived controversy that was ginned up in the GQ interview.  That was just for ratings anyway.  A & E never intended to actually enforce its contractual rights and make a redneck like Phil Robertson behave like anything other guessed it, a redneck.  Now get out there and shoot at ducks that are probably smarter and more productive lifeforms than the ones aiming at them and pulling the trigger with blank stares on their id1ot faces.

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