Tuesday, December 31, 2013

When all else fails...follow the instructions...or not!

There is a typical religious slogan that presents itself as clever by saying, "when all else fails, follow the instructions...The Holy Bible".  Of course, it conveniently omits the fact that most people don't bother with the directions because they are terribly written by someone who doesn't speak English natively, and following the directions often gets people even more confused than if they just attempted to figure it out themselves. This is certainly true, to the extreme, in the case of the Bible, as an "instruction manual", which is so terribly written, vague, and nonsensical that much of it is completely meaningless anymore, and certainly will not serve as an effective instruction manual for you to live your life in the modern world.  Following any random advice from the Bible would have you bathing in a dirty pool of water to cure your leprosy, or declaring your own private holy wars and slaughtering your neighbors, or kidnapping women and using them as sex slaves, all of which are routinely depicted in the Bible.  One certainly hopes that people don't follow these "instructions", and to the extent that they actually do as the Bible depicts, one hopes that they are arrested, tried, and imprisoned.

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