Sunday, December 1, 2013

Funny How Syrian chemical attacks stopped

Isn't it strange that there have been no more chemical weapons attacks in Syria.  That is highly mysterious, because Republican apologists for Assad absolutely insisted that it was the rebels who carried out the attack on their own people to draw in Western support.  See Republicans in the US were terrified that Obama would pull a "George Bush" and bomb Syria, thus gaining a boost in wartime popularity.  They couldn't allow that.  The freepers and  tea party loonies even did their usual mouth frothing about how Obama staged the whole thing.  But if the rebels or Obama had staged chemical attacks in Syria then why did they stop all of a sudden when Obama finally put his foot down and told Assad, "Do it again and I will personally F**k you up".  Once Obama said that, Assad aggreed to turn over his stockpile and "miraculously" there have been no more chemical weapons attacks for the Republicans, or the Russians for that matter, to try to blame on the rebels or Obama. But you would think, if the rebels or Obama had been staging these that the attacks would have continued.  Then they would have said, "look you can't trust Assad.  He's still committing genocide, and the West needs to intervene."  That didn't happen because the rebels and/or Obama were never behind the numerous chemical weapons attacks that were correctly blamed on the Assad regime.  That's called using your brain, and political/religious fanatics should try it once in a while.

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