Monday, December 23, 2013

Duck Dynasty Duckhead Lies Again about Fake Persecution

Duck Dynasty Duckhead Phil Lying about Just Quoting Scriptures
Phil Robertson, the fake yuppie poser who pretends to be a "redneck" for TV, was busy pretending again, this time claiming that he was being persecuted when  "all I did was quote from the scriptures" .  But, of course, that is a lie.  It's a lie because I'm pretty there is no scripture that says, "a vagina — as a man — would be more desirable than a man's anus".  What is that, the Book of PhilMeUp 2:69?  And how was he just "quoting scripture" when he claimed that he had never witnessed black people being mistreated in the South.  I think a guy named Martin Luther King, who knew the scripture far better than Robertson, would have disagreed.  So Phil is a liar, and according to his own scripture that means that he will not inherit the Kingdom of God.
And if he wants to get all technical, then he has a CONTRACT with A&E and Christians are supposed to keep their oaths.  Remember what happens to oathbreakers, Phil.
He knows perfectly well that his contract, that he agreed to in exchange for millions of dollars, doesn't allow him to just say and do whatever he wants in public, since it can damage the brand, viewership, and reputation of the show as well as cost producers a lot of money -- which is precisely what has happened. Most of the right-wingers defending him right now would normally be defending the absolute right of employers to fire employees for any reason, without cause, without union representation, and without appeal to courts or lawsuits. Furthermore, based on the article cited above, Phil is apparently continuing to break that contract, and continuing to make public statements that further damage potential viewership and his employer and believes that his employer has no recourse.  The rest of his family has similarly stated that they intend to violate their contracts as well.
If A&E were smart, they would cancel the show now, sue him for breach of contract, take back all the money they have paid to him and get a real show about hunting that actually involves people hunting and not just sitting around reading cue-cards that involve anything but actually hunting.

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