Saturday, August 13, 2011

Submit This, Bachmann

Fanatic religious lunatic Michele Bachmann was legitimately challenged in a recent GOP debate for her public advocacy of wives being "submissive" to their husbands, which amounts to doing whatever their husbands order them to do.  After all, if she does whatever her husband commands then he would effectively be the President, not her, in the extremely improbable event that she were successfully elected.

Bachmann attempted to Bach-pedal yet again, and spin this "submissiveness" stuff as "interpretation".  However, the whole notion of Bible literalism is that you can't take things the Bible says "figuratively".  You can't say, when Paul orders wives to be "submissive", that what he really meant was that wives can ignore their husbands and do whatever they want.   Of course a spouse will always have influence, but, so far, no president has labored under the handicap of feeling compelled to follow the exact instructions of one's spouse on matters of what's for dinner all the way up to launching nuclear missiles.

BTW, Christian teaching doesn't just say that wives have to be submissive.  It says they need to keep silent  (aka shut the eff up) especially in church (1 Cor 14:33) and that they should not have authority over menfolk ( 1 Tim 2:12) .  

Those who want to disavow the patriarchial misogyny of the Jewish and Greek cultures from which Christianity sprang will have a tough chore.  These are people who insist that men are innately better than women because "God made Adam first".  

Granted, Bachmann is just a bad joke when it comes to presidential candidates.  She was substituted as a less shrill version of Palin.  However, her religious views are even more extreme, as we have documented with respect to her endorsement of "de-gay-ification" therapy at her "clinic" and her general antipathy toward gay people in general.  

She and her doltish husband boast of their "education", but it all comes from "Bible Colleges" where they are earnestly studying how to replace the US Constitution with Old Testament Torah, complete with the stoning of blasphemers and people who work on the Sabbath.  

Bachmann may "submit" to her husband, but none of the rest of us should be delusional enough to do so.

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