Friday, August 12, 2011

Convicted Mormon Child Molester, Warren Jeffs, Heads to Prison 4 Life

Convicted child molester Warren Jeffs decided to defend himself and then told the court that god would punish them all if they continued to prosecute him.  He even defended his sexual liasons with girls as young as 12, claiming that it was "holy" and based upon long-standing "tradition" in his Fundamentalist Mormon church.  Now we see how badly that strategy played out for him as he heads to jail as a convicted sexual predator to serve a life sentence.  Somehow, god did not strike down any of the people who prosecuted him or testified against him, though I am sure that, if someone among them gets cancer ten years later that Jeffs and his followers will say, "see I predicted that".

If this doesn't show how unhinged these people are, I don't know what will.  Of course they cry that they are being persecuted for their "religious beliefs", but as the saying goes your "rights" never extend to "someone else's nose", or more intimate orifices.  You can *believe* any crazy thing you want, and the Constitution protects that form of insanity.  However, it does not protect acting upon an insane belief in a way that harms other people.

In any event, I'm sure he will appeal, and he has lucked out before on technicalities.  However, luck, and god, and legal scholarship do not appear to be on his side.  He should perhaps be more worried his cellmate bubba doing to him what he likes to do to 12-year-old girls.

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