Monday, August 29, 2011

Polygamist Child Rapist Warren Jeffs in COMA....There is a GOD!!!

Warren Jeffs the batsh*t crazy leader of Fundamentalist Mormons, who advocates "marriage" to women as young as NINE, has apparently been fasting the last three days, while in prison and has become so weak that doctors put him into a medically induced coma.  I know some of you all might have been hoping that the coma was due to Warren being bludgeoned by his 400-pound cellmate Bubba, after Jeffs turned down his request for "marriage".  However, it's really just that Jeffs is such a bogus holy man that he can't go a few days without food.  It's like when Jerry Falwell used to talk about "praying and fasting", which often lead one to wonder, what *five minute period of time* did Jerry Falwell ever fast, given his enormous girth? See, apparently Jeffs doesn't understand that religious fasting is all about style over substance.  You don't really refuse all food and certainly not all water. Most religious fasts only go from sun up to sun down, and do allow for water and even vitamins or medications these days.
However, apparently Jeffs thinks that the angel Moroni is going to fly down and serve him some food, perhaps on a Golden Tablet, or that he can command stones to become bread.  OK, granted, it is not necessary for God to exist in an absolute sense for justice to be served here if Jeffs manages to kill himself due to his own stupidity and craven superstition.  It could just be one of those lucky cosmic accidents.

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