Saturday, September 17, 2011

Dumb-as-Hell Michele and her Crusade against HPV vaccines

One has to marvel at the paltry intellect of Dumb-as-Hell Michele (Bachmann) and those even-dumber-than-hell tea baggers who vote for this continual embarrassment of a congresswoman.  I realize that they will vote for anyone with an R after their name, but one would think they could find someone who wasn't such a demonstrable dolt and a fraud.  Millions of doses of HPV vaccine have already been given out, and yet she still thinks she can get away with scare-tactics and lies, claiming that the vaccine causes "mental retardation".  No, honey, that's what your propaganda causes.  Are you telling us that there are millions of people who are now retarded because of this vaccine.  That should be quite a windfall for Republicans because that's about the only base they've got left as they continue to sabotage the economy and as they continue to do nothing about record unemployment.  They're the only one's dumb enough to still believe that the proper role of government is to do NOTHING, which is what tea-baggerism really advocates -- de facto anarchy.

Teabaggers like Michele Baggmann insist that it's not the government's job to fix unemployment, or pretty much to do anything.  Well somebody has to be able to do something about it, because private industry certainly is not fixing the problem.  Michele is fine with government intruding into your personal life and giving you constant Christian morality lectures about your sex life.  She is fine with telling the 470,000 people who get cervical cancer every year that she is one of the people who fought for their freedom to get cancer and not let the gub'mint tell them to get a shot instead.

What would Jesus think about kicking people off of unemployment in the middle of a recession and slashing government spending to people on government programs like medicare and social security?  I know she thinks he'd be leading the charge, but the reality is that Jesus thought people should care for the poor.

And there is no bigger government than God, Michele.  God's Kingdom is a government that controls every aspect of every individual's life down to the most minute detail.  However, it's hard to believe that God would tell people that they shouldn't get a vaccine to prevent cancer.

The idea that HPV vaccination would encourage sexual activity is about like saying that learning how to properly put on a bullet-proof vest would make people want to go out and get shot at.  It's about like saying that installing fire sprinklers is going to make it more likely that kids will play with matches.

So HER solution is to ban bullet-proof vests and fire sprinklers?  At least she doesn't want the gub'mint telling you that you HAVE to do it.  Really?  They can tell you to wear a seat belt or what speed you can drive at, or set a million other safety regulations, but if you're too stupid to get a vaccine that prevents cancer, then she thinks they shouldn't force you to do it anyway.  Fine, then the parents should be prosecuted for child endangerment, and I hope the children later sue their parents for civil damages, holding up the paper in court where their parents signed an "opt-out" for a free vaccination that could have saved the child's life.

This is a rare case where Rick Perry was actually right (by accident) about one thing, and now every fundamentalist nosepicker in the US is coming out of the woodwork to condemn him for it.  How dare you actually do something intelligent.  You're a Republican, by GOD.  You're only supposed to do things that are STUPID!  And Dumb-as-Hell Michele is leading the Crusade.  If there really were a God he would strike Michele with cervical cancer right now and make sure that she died from it very slowly (not that I would wish that even on her).

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