Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Bachmann Pulls To Have More Time to Gay Bash

Michelle Bachmann's pathetic performance, even amongst brain-dead right-wingers, has made it apparent, even to her, that she is wasting her time and is thankfully dropping out of her hopeless presidential bid.  There are so many gay people in the world and only her and her husband left to provide pseudo-scientific "de-gay-if-cation" therapy to them.  She says you can "pray away the gay", but apparently gays have made her go away.  Oh happy day.
Bachmann also moronically proclaimed that she will continue to "fight socialism", which is codeword for taking bribes from HMOs who revoke people's insurance when they are sick.  I wonder how Jesus would feel about people who support these insurance companies that charge people huge premiums and then, the moment they try to use it, cancel their insurance on some pretext like not reporting acne at age 13 as a "pre-existing condition".
Dumb as hell michele will also be busy making the retarded claim that HPV vaccines cause mental retardation.  That way she might persuade retarded right-wingers to not vaccinate their daughters, so that they will get cancer.   There are so many stupid things Michele still has to do and say.

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