Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bachmann's "clinic" performed de-gay-ification

It's hardly surprising that the mantle of far-right religious craziness has fallen from Sarah Palin and passed to Michele Bachmann. Palin seemed to be pretty far into looney tune land with her crazy pastor who thought that he could resurrect people from the dead, and believed that Alaska would become a "refuge state" when the apocalypse came. However, ultimately Palin didn't even have enough personal leadership over her family to prevent her own daughter from getting knocked up.

Compare this to Michele Bachmann, whose "clinic" Bachmann and Associates was "curing" gay people or "ex-gays" as they call them. She's not only indoctrinating dozens of foster kids, but she's running the lives of the kids of strangers. I suppose one could regard that as a sinister step up from Palin.

Of course, it is obvious to everyone that for men to like women or women to like men is biological and hormonal. Nobody claims that it is a "choice" for men to like women, for if it was, then we would expect about half of men, on a random basis to reject women in favor of the same sex. Why then, if opposite sex attraction in straight people is acknowledged to be hormonal and biological can it not be acknowledged that same sex attraction is based upon similar hormonal and biological programming?

The reason is purely theological, though I have long said the word should be pronounced "the-illogical" (Get it ;-)? Pronounce the first 'o' in theological more like an 'i'). You can't condemn a person for making immoral choices if it is no more a choice than for straight men to like straight women. You can't condemn nature as immoral. So they have to insist that gay people are pretending to have this attraction and that it's really just 100% a choice.

They say that gayness can be controlled, but so can straightness. We could all choose to be monks, although I hear they have have lots of mainly same sex relations on the sly too. But, maybe President Bachmann will cure us all of the desire to have sex, perhaps by showing us unairbrushed centerfold pictures of herself.

If Bachmann becomes president, expect the government to be operating brainwashing camps for "ex-gays" and perhaps even "ex-straights".

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