Sunday, July 24, 2011

Anders Breivik is Rush Limbaugh Only Younger And Less Chickensh*t

Make no mistake.  There is an epidemic of right-wing christian lunacy in the US too, but the primary difference is that right-wing blowhards in the US tend to be far too cowardly to actually act upon their idiotically ill-conceived ideologies. Not so in other parts of the world, like Norway, where right-wing fundamentalist Anders Breivik randomly murdered people with a car bomb, and targets of opportunity on an island campground called Utoya.

His calls for "pre-emptive war" and a "crusade" against muslims, despite the fact that his victims are almost exclusively non-muslim, should sound familiar in the US because they were part of the Bush Doctrine.  Right-wingers in the US were proud of pre-emptive warfare, and our disgraced former president Bush frequently used terms like Crusade, pretending that he was too dumb to know how terms like that would play in the rest of the world.  Granted, some right-wing Christians like Timothy McVeigh, who also used a fertilizer bomb to attack his own government, have acted in this country.  However, for most of them, the only thing they shoot off is their big fat mouths.

The same right-wing racists like Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly and Sean Hannity who scream about immigrants, and want to launch a "war of civilizations" against Islam have given aid and comfort to people like Breivik.  They too are "Marxist hunters" like Breivik called himself.  They too advocate constant violent rhetoric, putting pictures of gunsights on the pictures of their political opponents, and speaking of "2nd Amendment remedies" and "bullets not ballots" to force society to goosestep to their authoritarian demands.  

A man like Breivik is really what Rush Limbaugh wants to be, but is too fat, stupid, and cowardly to actually be.  This is not to say that it would be a good for him to try, nor is it saying that Breivik can be considered "brave" to shoot unarmed teens and blow up bombs that kill civilians.  Instead of bravery, he had a callous disregard for his own life and the lives of others, putting the lie, yet again, to the notion that extremist Christianity is a "pro-life" movement.  

No, extremist christians worship violence.  Look at the Book of Revelation.  They worship a bloody apocalyptic vision of the end of the world where the blood will be so deep that it will reach the height of a horses bridle for 1600 stadia around Jerusalem (Rv 14:20).   

This delusional punk Breivik declared himself a Knight Templar, and apparently had written an elaborate, 1500 page treatise attempting to recruit others to purge racial impurities from Europe by 2083.  Yet this is not that different from the "scholarship" coming out of home-school raised, bible-college educated american fundamentalists who want to replace our constitution with old testament biblical law.  It too was racist and xenophobic, and wanted to impose death as the standard sentence for almost any offense.  

I would recommend that secular, non-religious people take appropriate steps to defend themselves against the Andrew Breiviks who may be living among you right here in the US.  Go ahead and get your concealed carry permits.  Get over your standard liberal hangups and recognize that a gun does not have to be dangerous, if you are smart and diligent.  It can make you safer from people like this who are increasingly on the rise in the US.  

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