Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Batshit Crazy Ricky Almost Takes Iowa

I'm from Iowa, and my grandmother was very active in politics there.  This caucus is sure to be the most embarrassing meltdown of Iowa Republicans yet.  They were all over the map, displaying an inability to make up their minds or even comprehend the choices.  They loved Perry.  Then they hated him.  They loved Cain.  Then they hated him.  They flirted with Gingrinch and then teased him into 4th place.  They loved Ron Paul.  But most disgustingly of all they loved disgraceful "man-on-dog" Santorum.  This truly speaks to how adrift Republicans are, and perhaps failures in the once great Iowa school system which would allow them to make such an uninformed choice with Santorum.  Of course, in the end they came back to Mormon boy.  That ridiculous corporate raider who off-shored tens of thousands of jobs is the best that they've got.  
The question is, how are they going to hammer Obamacare with Romney, which he created Romneycare in Massachusetts? It truly is laughable.  Plus, it's quite clear that evangelical Christians will not support Romney, no matter who his running mate is.  Even if he picked batshit crazy Ricky Santorum, which is highly doubtful anyway.   

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