Sunday, December 25, 2011

Pray Away The Kook-ie

As impossible as sane people might find this, CNN has a religious dipshit who honesty and with no hint of irony, advises people to  "pray away the cookies" this Christmas.  I'm not joking, Keith Wommack really is that stupid.  In the aftermath of the "Pray away the gay" idiocy of Michele Bachmann, and her ignoramus husband Marcus's pseudoscientific "de-gay-if-ication" clinic, this dumbass religious kook Wommack still obliviously touts prayer as the answer to any temptation.  Given that prayer doesn't work worth a shit for almost anything, from curing gays, to making you thin, I am hesitant to advise it, but I would rather that people Pray Away the Kook-ies like like crazy extremist Keith Wommack.  Even better than prayer, they can simply recommend that CNN stop publishing the idiotic ramblings of every religious moron out there.  Wouldn't that be nice?

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