Friday, December 2, 2011

Cain's Wife Knew About Cheating But Ignored It

According to insiders, Gloria Cain knew her husband had girlfriends on the side for years, but intentionally looked the other way.  Herman Cain has all the subtlety of a wrecking ball.  However,  I guess Gloria figured it beat her having to work for a living.  Now she can probably get a nice divorce package out of the deal, and nobody will even blame her.  

The problem is that this makes her a paid sex worker too, just like many of the other women who Horny Herman Cain tried to rape in exchange for jobs.  Apparently she was pressured into defending him on TV against Allred and some of Cain's other accusers, but he doesn't want to have to do that with Ginger White. Wow, it might have taken her 43 years, but she finally managed to put her foot down one time with this manipulator.  

Cain is apparently playing for more time, not to mention hyping and pimping his "decision" about dropping out of his sputtering campaign like it's another f*cking pizza promotional.  I guess he would have to know something about pimping, with all the women who have come forward saying that he tried to solicit their services.  However, like every business Cain has been involved with, he has bungled this one pretty badly.  

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