Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Crazy Pat Robertson Damns United States Again

Extremist religious terror-monger Pat Robertson says that God will punish the United States because of the Obama administration's policy of tying foreign aid human rights, which includes the protection of gay and lesbian minorities.  Pat Robertson has wished God's murderous wrath upon the US before, claiming 9/11 was God's punishment, and claimed that natural disasters, such as Hurricane Katrina were God's punishment as well.  What I want to know is what terrible crime humanity committed to have Pat Robertson inflicted upon us on TV on an almost daily basis.  Surely that punishment is enough to atone for just about anything, all by itself. 

It also makes one wonder if perhaps Pat Robertson, Fred Phelps, etc "doth protest too much".  They must secretly be quite fascinated with it, because it always seems to come up in conversation.  Pat Robertson has actually admitted that he "sowed some wild oats" before he "found Jesus", but he never says what kinds of fields he was plowing.  One has to wonder indeed.  

On the other hand, if Pat Robertson is exclusively straight and never messed around with men even BEFORE he found Jesus then there must have been a non-religious that he was attracted to members of the opposite sex.  Most men are naturally attracted to women, and most women are naturally attracted to men.  However, isn't it conceivable that, occasionally this "natural" system could get inverted in some people so that some men felt a "natural" attraction to other men and some women felt a natural attraction to other "women".  

After all, most men are not just flipping a coin and deciding that they have sexual feelings for women or vice versa.  If that were true then, about half of the time, men would choose women and the other half of the time they would choose men.  In actual fact homosexuality is rarer than that, suggesting that it is not just random choice, but something of a biological anomaly, similar to being left-handed or liking to eat broccoli.  Some people really find broccoli disgusting, and others could eat it all day.  Imagine if broccoli haters like Pat started claiming that it was God's will that broccoli be banned, and that God would punish anyone who ate it, especially if they did so with their left hands.  

Hey, before you dismiss a food preference as over the top, remember that the Hebrew Bible is filled with God's prohibitions against various kinds of "unclean" foods, including pigs, shrimp, and snails, to name but a few.  Christians claim that they don't have to follow any of those alleged Divine Laws of the Old Testament, but curiously often cite the exact same books of the Bible to claim that homosexuality should be prohibited.    Perhaps, one day, homosexuality will be A-OK for Christians, just like bacon, scampi, and escargot.  I wish there were an afterlife, just so we could imagine the look on Robertson face when he saw that.   

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