Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry ChristMyth, ChristHoles

One day a year, Christian extremists give the world the best gift of all -- they stop being complete and utter assholes, for one WHOLE day!  It really is a remarkable transformation, though it is largely accidental.  See they are too busy greedily consuming their cookies and candy and presents to remember that they have a holy obligation to be assholes.  But they will soon go to church, especially this christmyth, since it's on a Sunday, making it a two-fer.  When they go, the priestHole will remind them that the GodHole and Baby JebusHole both absolutely demand that their followers comport themselves as total effing assholes for every waking second of every day.  But christHoles will still probably be too distracted with stuffing their fat faces with Christmas dinner to manage to be proper assholes again until at least December 26th.  In the mean time, the rest of the world breathes a sigh of relief that we get a one day reprieve from the assholic scourge that is extremist christianity.  Oh happy day, indeed.

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