Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Satan Worshipper O'donnell Endorses Plastic Mitt Romney

Confessed former Satan worshipper, and drunken strumpet Chrisine O'Donnell, whose own political acumen only extends to being trounced in one Senatorial election, has returned to politics and decided to endorse Mitt Romney.  This is not a good "omen" for Romney, since her endorsement is the kiss of death for whomever may be unlucky enough to receive it.  This is a woman who spent campaign contributions on personal living expenses, and we are supposed to trust her "judgment".  She is almost singlehandedly responsible for Republicans losing their bid to take control of the Senate last time, and now apparently she wants to cement that reputation by endorsing Plastic Mitt Romney  who will certainly lose badly in the 2012 presidential election.  I was about to say "if Republicans have any brains...", but I realized that would be a waste of words.  Still, even with the meager intellects that most Republicans possess, they should consider O'Donnell a good reverse barometer for their party, and vote for anyone but the person she hexes with her witchy endorsement.


  1. "Former Satan Worshiper"

    Please keep that in mind. Perhaps she has changed her ways for better and is trying to do something better with herself and the position of authority she has been given.

  2. I'm not sure what position of authority O'Donnell has, given that she lost the election long ago and was laughed out of politics. In fact she was never more than a bad joke in politics and was not even supported by most of her party. It was only a small minority of religious fanatics who cared about her at all.
    Now, if you mean that she still occasionally gets people to pay attention to her ravings, that too seems to be drying up. Most people have forgotten completely about her, if they ever knew who she was in the first place, and the rest of the media often just look to her for comic relief, as they always did. She was always just a super-lightweight version of Sarah Palin, and BTW, when was the last time we heard from her?