Sunday, December 4, 2011

Crazy Ron Paul Proclaims Himself Flavor of the Decade

By blind, stupid luck, Ron Paul is polling in SECOND place in the Iowa primaries, only because Herman Cain has finally pulled out.  So Paul lost no time in proclaiming this temporary stroke of luck to be his absolute birth right.  So he has declared that he likes to think of himself as the "flavor of the decade".  The thing is I didn't know that "$h1t for brains" was a popular flavor in any decade, because that's about the only taste infusion that bat$h1t crazy Ronny Paul brings to the table.  The Bush decade has been one of financial catastrophe for the 99% of people who have to work for a living and Ron Paul thinks that the 1% weren't aggressive enough.  

If he and is "so-called"  FREE MARKET had its way it would be legal to conduct human trafficking.  After all, why should the "gub'mint" interfere with your ability to buy and sell people?  That is ultimately what would be legal in a truly "free market" and it is why there has never been any such thing as a 100% free market in the history of the world and there never will be.  In the free market you would be free to buy or sell sex.  You would be free to buy or sell drugs and alcohol with no age restrictions.  In a "free market" you could not even restrict child pornography sales.  Neither I, nor even most Republicans would like to see these things on the market, but at least I have the intellect and honesty to realize that this requires government intervention into the marketplace.  

While most republicans claim to be against abortion, in a free market you could not restrict such a thing.  It would be an intrusion by big gub'mint.  In fact it would require the biggest government of all time to monitor every woman's menstral period 24/7 to make sure that she wasn't aborting a potential pregnancy.  

That would only be the tip of the iceberg for the mythical "free market".  Welcome to Ron Paul's new flavor of the century, though it smells distinctly like the same old "freeper bull$h1t" that they've been serving up for the last fifty years.  

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