Friday, December 2, 2011

Dick-Brain Cain: Sit Down, Shut UP, Go Away 4 ever

Herman Cain doesn't think with his big head much, but he sure thinks with his penis.  His inability to think with any organ other than his genitalia apparently made him wildly popular with the idiotic and uninformed Republican electorate who elevated him to front-runner status.  This shows what terribly stupid and utterly inept judges of character they were.  Or perhaps they knew exactly what a fraud and phony Cain was.  He was everything that Joe Trailertrash republican wishes he could be:  wildly successful despite being totally incompetent, pathologically manipulative of those around him, and callously exploitative of religion as a mere ploy to gain automatic and undeserved respect to piously cloak one's deviant behavior.   Yep, that's everything that a Republican could wish to be.  Unfortunately, while they all wish they could do that, that can't say so publicly.  Therefore, only about 8% of moronic, diehard tea-baggers are still supporting Cain and stupidly giving him money.  But the Cain Train is about to screech to a halt, and he will walk away with all that money.  

Hey Horny Herman.  I've got a three point plan for you.  See if this is something you can understand.  You need to (1) Sit down (2) Shut the F*ck UP, and (3) Go away 4 ever.  Did you get all that.  Is that too much for your little penis-brain to comprehend?  Saturday is too late for your to "announce" your "decision" about your ridiculous joke of a campaign.  Just do us a favor and implement my three point plan.  I guarantee that you will not be missed or even remembered a few months from now.  

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