Monday, January 28, 2013

Brazil Nightclub Fire Not God's Wrath Just Pyrotechnics

When there is a fire in an over-crowded nightclub, as there inevitably will be, every few years, one can expect the various holy rollers to come out of the woodwork insisting that God has visited a "Sodom and Gomorrah" style fire and brimstone judgment upon the approximately 230 people who died there.  However, it appears that the real reason was the pyrotechnics that the band was using and the lack of adequate fire suppression.  I know that answer isn't as titillating to the Westboro Baptist jacka$$es who want to spin everything as an opportunity to play God and pass judgment on others.  By the way, I hope they go down and try to picket some of those funerals.  We shouldn't have to see their faces anymore.  Of course they would have to get their signs printed in Portuguese.  How does one say, "God hates fags" in Portuguese, anyway.

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