Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Mormon murderess Jodi Arias A Real Piece of Work

It seems that Jodi Arias is determined to be the next Casey Anthony.  Poor little Jodi is always depicted in a perpetual state of feeling sorry for herself (for getting caught, at least).  Poor little me.  I've only changed my story a dozen times about what actually happened.  As despicable as Holmes is, at least he has the honesty to crack a grin when looking at the evidence against him now and then, if to say, "effin A I did it, and enjoyed it too".  Not that any mentally sound person could enjoy that sort of thing.  By definition you would have to be perfectly OK with such things.  But whereas Holmes seems certifiably out to lunch and as calm as if he were watching his favorite TV show, apparently Jodi wants to put on Soap Opera theatrics.

On and, as far as the fact that she converted to Mormonism, yes it is technically correct, but she does seem to be way less of a Mormon than Mitt Romney, assuming that such a thing is possible for a man who took both sides of every conceivable issue.  But then along comes Jodi to lower the bar still farther.  She's the kind of Mormon who apparently sleeps around a lot and can casually kill people like it's all in a days work.  Mitt Romney only wanted to outsource your job and steal your grandma's social security, but at least he didn't want to stab you 27 times.  That would be too much work and he might have to momentarily remove that plastic smile from his face while doing it.

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