Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Jury in Arias Case Apparently Retarded

Jodi Arias has ADMITTED KILLING Travis Alexander, after radically changing her story completely, multiple times before.  To any intelligent person this would at least indicate perjury.  However, the Arizona jury, now in deliberation is asking questions like, "Dur.....ummm....did police check the alibis of Alexander's friends" (OK, they didn't have the "Dur" or the "ummm" part, but probably only because the questions have to be written, and they couldn't figure out how to spell "Dur" or "ummm", and didn't have a dictionary handy.  That's right, Arizona is one of three states where juries can ask questions of witnesses on their own, independent of those asked by attorneys.  HELLO, she is officially pleading guilty to being the killer, but is merely making an extremely unpersuasive argument that she did it in "self-defense".  Why do they need to check the alibis of friends if she now says that she is the one who did it?  Not only that, but there are F*CKING pictures of her dragging Travis's body, recovered from the camera.  Has the AZ school system really gotten this bad?  Is it something in the water?  Or are they really incapable of thinking that a pretty, dainty little thing like Jodi could do such a thing, even when she ADMITS it?

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