Wednesday, July 4, 2012

German Muslims Insist on *right* to mutilate genitals

Female circumcision is roundly condemned in the western world, but male circumcision is still standard policy. That is, it's OK to allow parents the "right" to mutilate the genitals of their young boys, just not the girls. Well apparently change is afoot, since a German court ruled that no such "right" exists. See, for those who don't understand what a right it, it is something personal that you can do to yourself. That's why the popular dictum says "Your rights stop at the other guy's nose". So parental "rights" would equally stop at the other person's penis. Naturally, this has lead to cries by German Muslims for the German legislature to pass new laws reversing the court decision, so that they can continue their barbaric practices of chopping off the foreskin that God apparently put there just so it would need to be painfully lopped off.

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