Monday, July 23, 2012

Non-christian victims of Holmes damned to hell, says evangelical propagandist

Miserable piece of human garbage Jerry Newcombe, and evangelical scum like him, have already started shamelessly exploiting the Aurora massacre perpetrated by James Holmes as an opportunity to scare people into signing away their souls.  Because Newcombe is an unthinking ignoramus, he already blundered directly into the trap I predicted in this article by claiming that Christian victims of Holmes would be going to a "wonderful place" (aka Heaven), whereas non-christians would be going to a "terrrible place" (aka Hell).

However, by his logic, if massacred Christians are going to a "wonderful place", then he is basically saying that Holmes "did them a favor" by slaying them.  There really is no way around that.  No matter what other good experiences they could have had on Earth it would pale by comparison and be utterly insignificant compared to what they could experience in Heaven, according to standard Christian mythology.  Therefore, if they are correct then Christians should be clamoring for their neighbors to *kill them immediately*, if they honestly believe the nonsense they claim to profess, so that they don't have to waste one more minute not being in Heaven.  After all, if they wait they could have doubts or even get an education, and this may shatter their faith.  Then it's no more Candy Land for them.

Now the thing is that there were many devout Christians in the theater, and many of them voted with their feet, proving that they did not really believe what they claim about heaven being so wonderful.  Otherwise they would have sat right there and taken their bullet, so they could be with Jebus on a cloud with a harp. Chicken$*it par excellence Jerry Newcombe would not have sat there either.  He probably would have been the first person to trample old ladies and children to save his pathetic skin when the shooting started.

As for the true fate of non-christians, there is nothing to fear.  If there is a God and he is truly just then nobody is compelled to believe made-up human mumbo jumbo of the Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, or other varieties in order to be treated fairly in the afterlife.  Believing that Jesus was his own daddy and walked on water thousands of years ago is no virtue and certainly is not any kind of guarantee of anything, except the capacity to tax the limits of your own sanity with a litany of absurdities.

In Mr. Newcombe's case, his fanaticism also has manifested as a severe lack of empathy and depraved delight in the imaginary suffering of others.  Is that truly who you want to be?  If not then the time to get off the crazy train is now.

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