Monday, July 23, 2012

Will God Strike Holmes Dead In Court?

In the Hebrew Old Testament, when someone did something naughty Yahweh would often on his patent leather beetch-slappin' gloves, reach down smack the crap out of them right on the stop.  However, unfortunately, for some unknown reason he stopped doing that.  My theory is that he wore out his gloves. 
But one wonders when he might get a new pair, so to speak. To wit, James Holmes appeared in court today, acting all dazed and confused.  Would this not have been the perfect time for God to "use the force" and choke him out Vader-style?  What difference would it make at this point?  For those still hiding behind the ridiculous figleaf of "free will", how much "free will" is Holmes going to have in prison.  The free will to be some big burly dude's "prison wife".  As gratifying as that might be for some to imagine, surely there are quicker and more efficient punishments.  Why not at least slap some boils or plague or leprosy down on his freaky, orange carrot top?  God supposedly did this to people in the past, notably even to just and loyal servants like Job.  So why would he hesitate to do this to Holmes?  American heros like Sally Ride are being struck down with pancreatic cancer while this miserable waste of skin is allowed to breath air.  What gives with God these days?  Why the namby-pamby, hippy-dippy routine?  You gonna squick this guy or not, G-man?  Hello?!  Anybody up there???

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