Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mormons Officially Racism-Free Since 1978***

Mormons are really feeling their oats these days with their champion empty-suited, ultra--materialistic Mitt Romney as the presumptive Republican nominee. Therefore, the first order of business is to tar anyone who questions their bizarre religious beliefs with charges of "bigotry" or even "reverse racism". I didn't know that Mormonism was a separate race myself, but apparently they are whiter-than-whitee, and this sets them apart from the rest of us. This is the reverse of the scenario in the black communities where lighter skinneed blacks, like Obama or Colin Powell, are viewed with suspicion. In this case, Mormons seem to implicitly feel that the whiter you are, the better, and thus the magic undergarments are needed to preserve an almost gothic-like whiteness. As it turns out, there is some basis for this white-power sentiment in their scripture. 2 Nephi 5:21 describes God turning the skin of the Lamanites black as a curse on them, and future generations born black. Presumably, however, according to Mormon reasoning, if black people were really sorry about their blackness and all, then their children might one day be born white, bright, and outta sight. Gosh, what could possibly be "racist" about a Mormon doctrine like that? In fact, if you dare question these doctrines in Mormonism, their adherents say that makes you the *racist* and the *bigot* for criticizing their racist scripture. Got it? It's like when David Duke and other KKKers claim that they are actually the ones being oppressed by not being allowed to discriminate against all non-whites. But, unlike the Klan, the LDS Church has officially cleaned up its act. You see, back in 1978, the equivalent of the Mormon Pope, Spencer Kimball, woke up one day and decided that Mormons were no longer racist. This was curiously at odds with other well known leaders, like Brigham Young, who felt that interracial marriages were an abomination and who instituted the ban of blacks in the priesthood. It required a little gymnastics to get around the fact that racism was written into the Book of Mormon also. He basically had to argue that, in his personal opinion, that God was turning the skin tint of Native American Mormons gradually whiter, and that one day, if they were good, they could be as white as him. The same would apply to blacks, of course, though presumably it would require longer. But, because of that revelation that God was gradually lightening the skin color of non-white Mormons and was "lifting the curse", this meant that these people could participate in the priesthood. Curiously, this was decided in a time when bans on interracial marriage were increasingly unacceptable in the US, and Mormons were looking for converts in various parts of the world where dark skin was the norm. So you decide if Momonism is now officially racism free, and can now go on a jihad where they label other people bigots and racists for questioning their "sacred" beliefs.

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