Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Bombing is Modern Day Boston Massacre. No Obama did NOT do it.

Right-wing blowhards don't seem to get this, so I'll spell it out for them.  The Boston Massacre was a *bad thing* that turned people *against* the *perpetrators*.  The original perpetrators were the British, but the current perpetrators are most likely right-wing, anti-tax TEA Party traitors.  There is no conceivable way that this incident will generate sympathy *for* their cause.  Some are claiming that it will be another "shot heard round the world", but it's more like "you guys just shot yourself in the head". 

Of course, after realizing this, then they will insist that OBAMA did it to make them LOOK BAD/STUPID.  Oh, that dirty dog.  If he wanted them to LOOK BAD/STUPID he could just stand back and DO NOTHING. 

As far as Obama orchestrating a low rent incident like this, no this one has rank amateur attention seeker written all over it.  Given all the other things Obama has been accused of, he would have to be anything but an amateur, and the Leader of the Free World can get people's attention whenever he pleases without having to pull some crazy stunt like this. 

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