Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Marathon Bomber. Guess the Lunatic.

An explosion near the finish line of the Boston Marathon has killed two people and injured around 28 more.  We are now left to wonder what precise type of lunatic is responsible.  It goes without saying that people who think that setting off a bomb in a public area like this have some sort of serious mental defect, or some equally defective political agenda.  Naturally, everyone picks opponents of their own political, religious, and ethnic agendas as the "usual suspects".  Still, if history is any guide, it is much more likely than not that these individuals will be either religious fanatics and/or political right-wingers, since they are the ones who have most commonly resorted to these actions in the past and seem to still advocate for them right now.  For example, the usual militant, anti-government, IRS-hating, anti-tax, TEA party types would likely pick April 15th, being the deadline for federal taxes.  Of course the right-wingers are insisting that it must be Occupy Walstreet, but it's unlikely that Occupy people particularly care about taxes, since they probably don't pay any, or the Boston Marathon.

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