Monday, April 8, 2013

Rick Warren's Son finally escapes dad's "Purpose-driven Life"

Rick Warren can wear his goofy Hawaiian shirts, and blather childishly about how the purpose of life is for God to love you, but apparently his son saw through the ridiculous charade.  Matthew Warren realized that it's not 100% about what God wants, as his father, god's self-appointed representative on Earth, would have you believe.  Therefore he escaped from his torments the only way he ultimately could, by taking his own life.
The purpose of my life is not for some other being to determine.  The purpose of Matthew was not be a tool for mythical god figure, or a tool for his earthly father figure.  Of course, I am sure that Matthew was a constant source of vexation for his father's simple-minded philosophy and his simple-minded creed.  Why would god intentionally make matthew's brain in such a way that he would constantly experience depression?  The go-to explanation for everything bad in the world for Christian is to blame "free will", but one cannot claim, with a straight face these days, that mental illness is all a result of free will.  Even Rick Warren acknowledges that his son seems to have been afflicted since birth with these issues.  So what are we to make of this purpose drivel that Warren has peddled like snake oil to so many millions.  What was the purpose of Matthew's life?  Did god really need Matthew to suffer for 27 years just so that he could allegedly "love" him, but not lift a finger to cure the maladies that he could effortlessly fix?
Oh many will insist that this is unfair and that I am exploiting death. But his father is in the ultimate business of exploiting death.  Religion was invented, in large part, to exploit people's fear of death and it's what his father does as a full time profession.  So I am not the one exploiting his son's death, nor am I crowing about it.  I think it's better for Matthew that he be released from his agony. I don't think for a minute that he is really in heaven, but even the oblivion of death means a laying down of all burdens.  Even that is better than the hell on earth of his apparently uncurable depression, which Warren acknowledges all the religion, and the best doctors in the world were unable to dent.
Rick Warren claims that is son told him over a decade ago that he knew he was saved, so he didn't see why he shouldn't be able to end his suffering and kill himself.  Apparently the pastor had no adequate answer for his son, and indeed Christianity has no answer for it either, since would seem like a great idea to get to heaven as soon as possible.  Their only attempt at an answer thus far has been to claim that "God said not to...that's why", like a frustrated parent to a toddler.  Such answers never satisfy even toddlers, and apparently don't satisfy the sons of pastors either.

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