Monday, April 8, 2013

Pint-sized Antichrist Kim Jung Un

Is it just me, or does Kim Jung Un just need to shave his head, and get a white cat in order to be Dr. Evil?  He's certainly short enough.  Heck he's short-enough to be the mini-me version of Dr. Evil. And he comes up with plots that are every bit as silly.  I'm sure that he has already been working feverishly at putting lasers on sharks to aid in his amphibious invasion of South Korea.
So what are the odds that Kim Jung Un is the antichrist?   Well he clearly has set himself up as a false idol for his people to worship as a bite-sized Buddha on Earth.  The only question is whether he has the ability to pull off the whole Armageddeon thing.  Sure he talks tough about "smashing the imperialists", etc.  However, the only thing this porky little potentate seems capable of smashing is the floor if he falls out of his overstuffed chair.  He would probably more accurately be classified as an antichrist wannabe.

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