Thursday, April 25, 2013

Terrorist Mom Says Boston Bombing Staged With Red Paint

Zubeidat Tsarnaev, the mother of Boston bombers Tamarlan and Dzokhar Tsarnaev, is as dumb as they come.  It's one thing to be deluded, but this woman thinks that everyone in the Boston Marathon was in the conspiracy to make HER kids look bad.  That's right, 180 people just pretended to be injured and intentionally smeared "red paint" on themselves, she insists, so that they could claim they were injured by her kids.  Gosh, one would think that self-respecting conspiracists would have at least gotten to animal blood from the butcher shop, or maybe even from the blood bank, if they are part of some grand governmental conspiracy
She also complains that police shouldn't have shot her son, who stopped his car and opened fire on the police first.  But apparently he has her own problems with the law, having fled the country after being accused of felony shoplifting.  
It just shows you the kind of delusions that these kids likely grew up with on a daily basis.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Tamarlan Tsarnaev said 9-11 was plot to make muslims look bad

It turns out that the terrorist Tamarlan Tsarnaev was a 9-11 conspiracy theorist too.  Unlike fringe whackos such as Alex Jones, however, he didn't believe it was done by the Illuminati, or the New World Order.  He believed that it was done by the US government, according to friends and relatives, to make Islam look bad and to make Americans hate or distrust Muslims.  So what did he do?  He went out and actually performed terrorism himself, that even by his own conspiratorial thinking, would have the effect of making Islam look bad, and making Americans hate or distrust Muslims.  Mission Accomplished.  I mean, what did he THINK the effect was going to be?  Did he think his actions would make us respect raving jihadi murderers like himself?  Did he think that his actions would accomplish anything other than to make Americans distrustful of Muslims?  I'm sure that Muslims in the US are feeling frustrated by all of this, because it puts them back to square one again, in terms of bad publicity, and public mistrust.  It makes it harder for them to practice their religion in peace and carry on with their lives as usual, which were probably just getting back to normal.  This seems to be something that terrorists seldom ever consider.  That their actions will actually be more harmful and counterproductive for the very group of people they claim to champion.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Muslim Terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Captured Alive...But For How Long

Wannabe Muslim terrorist Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was captured alive, hiding in a boat in the backyard of a Watertown residence.  Dzhokhar has to be one of the stupidest terrorists since the Shoe Bomber and the Underwear bomber, since the dumb pot-head, jacka$$ didn't even attempt to conceal his face behind sunglasses like his brother did.  What kind of a dip$hit thinks that he could get away with an attack like this when he doesn't even hide his identity?  I would certainly have to agree with his uncle Ruslan who described both brothers as "losers" and ungrateful haters, "who don't deserve to live on this Earth", and who lashed out at the very country that took them in and gave them opportunities after they fled Chechnya.  Maybe their own dumb asses would have been blown apart with bombs if they had stayed in Chechnya.  And this is how they thank the people who were nothing but kind to them?  It truly is amazing some times to see this level of ingratitude.  I highly doubt that Dzhokhar is going to make it prison, given his expressed antipathy for the US in general.  In some ways it truly is too bad that he didn't have the courage to at least try to shoot it out with cops, like his older brother, and then we could have been spared from dealing with him further.

religious extremists bombed Boston as predicted.

It's hard being right so much, as when I predicted that the bombing in Boston was probably done by religious extremists or right-winger, or both.  It turns out that it was both.  Tamarlan Tsarnaev and Dzhokar Tsarnaev were radicalized Muslim Chechens making them religious extremists.  As religious extremists of the Islamic variety, they are necessarily right-wing conservatives, because they oppose most things in the modern world and want us to go back to the way things were in the 7th  century.  That's pretty conservative. Those who predicted it would turn out to be Occupy Wall Streeters, atheists, progressives, etc are wrong as usual.  Tamarlan has already thankfully died and discovered that there ain't no 70 virgins waiting for him. His brother is likely to join him shortly.  And good riddance to them.  If they hated free society so much, its not clear why they couldn't have gone back to Chechnia.  What did the people of Boston ever do except to help and shelter these ungrateful jerks?

Boston Bombing Suspects: One Dead, One Trapped

Fortunately, the brothers who committed the Boston Marathon bombing appear to have been positively identified.  One is believed dead, in a shootout with police last night, and the other appears to be trapped in a house in Watertown.  Both men, Tamarlan Tsarnaev, and Dzhokhar Tsarnaev are Russian immigrants from Khazakstan, though it is not known if they are radicalized due to Chechen origins, or if they had some other grievances. 
I long noted that this act has the stamps of amateurism all over it, and it that would likely turn out to be either foreign terrorists or right-wing extremists.  It will remain to be seen what political philosophy these inidividuals follow, but it doesn't particularly matter.  The important thing is that the situation will be resolved soon.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Massive Explosion at Fertilizer Plant in West, Texas

A fire at the West Fertilizer Company has resulted in a massive explosion that virtually flattened homes and commercial buildings in a five to six block radius, throwing up a mushroom cloud, and causing evacuation.  Currently, about 200 people have been hospitalized and between 5 and 15 fatalities are believed likely.  There is no indication of what may have caused the fire, or whether foul play may have been involved.

In all likelihood this is just the kind of industrial accident that periodically happens at facilities like this.  It is amazing though that a middle school and nursing home were close enough to be significantly damaged and require evacuation.  I don't know who would think it was a desirable thing to build in close proximity to a fertilizer plant to begin with.  In many small Texas towns, however, there is perhaps just one industry that dominates, and fertilizer appears to be the thing in West.

I am sure there will be lots of praying and soul searching in the aftermath, but it's doubtful than any answers will come of it. Was it really necessary to God's Divine Master Plan that this fertilizer plant blow up? Of course, good can often come out of tragedies, but any good that results from this most likely could have resulted without the need for these injuries and calamities in the first place.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Boston Bombing is Modern Day Boston Massacre. No Obama did NOT do it.

Right-wing blowhards don't seem to get this, so I'll spell it out for them.  The Boston Massacre was a *bad thing* that turned people *against* the *perpetrators*.  The original perpetrators were the British, but the current perpetrators are most likely right-wing, anti-tax TEA Party traitors.  There is no conceivable way that this incident will generate sympathy *for* their cause.  Some are claiming that it will be another "shot heard round the world", but it's more like "you guys just shot yourself in the head". 

Of course, after realizing this, then they will insist that OBAMA did it to make them LOOK BAD/STUPID.  Oh, that dirty dog.  If he wanted them to LOOK BAD/STUPID he could just stand back and DO NOTHING. 

As far as Obama orchestrating a low rent incident like this, no this one has rank amateur attention seeker written all over it.  Given all the other things Obama has been accused of, he would have to be anything but an amateur, and the Leader of the Free World can get people's attention whenever he pleases without having to pull some crazy stunt like this. 

Boston Bomb Massacre Update. 132 injured.

As the rest of the world continues to process the insanity of the April 15th terrorist bomb attack on the Boston Marathon that has left 2 dead, and 132 injured, the Boston Marathon has now become a modern day Boston Massacre.  While it is too early to known anything definitely, the likelihood that this date was picked coincidentially, given that every American knows it is the deadline for filing federal taxes, is so remote as to non-existent.  Instead, it seems very likely that this was the work of right-winger "tax protesters", who have staged many "tax protests" in the past, albeit mainly non-violent.  However, IRS and federal buildings have been targetted by right-wing extremists in the past.  The notion that this would be the work of a left-wing group like Occupy Wall Street, is extremely out of character for that organization who would probably put a bomb on know....Wall Street, not a race course in Boston.  Of course, this could still be the work of foreign terrorists, but again, they seem obsessed with New York City, not Boston.  On the other hand the Taxed Enough Already (TEA) Party fanatics are very much associated with Boston.  Time will tell, but the odds make it an easy prediction that right-wing conspiratorial nutjobs were behind this one.

Boston Marathon Bomber. Guess the Lunatic.

An explosion near the finish line of the Boston Marathon has killed two people and injured around 28 more.  We are now left to wonder what precise type of lunatic is responsible.  It goes without saying that people who think that setting off a bomb in a public area like this have some sort of serious mental defect, or some equally defective political agenda.  Naturally, everyone picks opponents of their own political, religious, and ethnic agendas as the "usual suspects".  Still, if history is any guide, it is much more likely than not that these individuals will be either religious fanatics and/or political right-wingers, since they are the ones who have most commonly resorted to these actions in the past and seem to still advocate for them right now.  For example, the usual militant, anti-government, IRS-hating, anti-tax, TEA party types would likely pick April 15th, being the deadline for federal taxes.  Of course the right-wingers are insisting that it must be Occupy Walstreet, but it's unlikely that Occupy people particularly care about taxes, since they probably don't pay any, or the Boston Marathon.

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pint-sized Antichrist Kim Jung Un

Is it just me, or does Kim Jung Un just need to shave his head, and get a white cat in order to be Dr. Evil?  He's certainly short enough.  Heck he's short-enough to be the mini-me version of Dr. Evil. And he comes up with plots that are every bit as silly.  I'm sure that he has already been working feverishly at putting lasers on sharks to aid in his amphibious invasion of South Korea.
So what are the odds that Kim Jung Un is the antichrist?   Well he clearly has set himself up as a false idol for his people to worship as a bite-sized Buddha on Earth.  The only question is whether he has the ability to pull off the whole Armageddeon thing.  Sure he talks tough about "smashing the imperialists", etc.  However, the only thing this porky little potentate seems capable of smashing is the floor if he falls out of his overstuffed chair.  He would probably more accurately be classified as an antichrist wannabe.

Should Rick Warren Kill Himself to be with his son?

Rick Warren has had a good life.  That's an understatement.  He is the quintessential fat, extremely dumb, and extremely happy person.  He has made a fortune out of selling simple-minded nostrums to people.  But now he claims to be "overwhelmed" with grief about the death of his son, and both he and his son believe in the Christian afterlife.  Therefore, I have the perfect solution.  Since he still thinks his son will go to heaven after committing suicide, I am sure that god will allow Rick Warren the same largesse.  Apparently his son spoke to his dad specifically about this issue and argued that there is no reason that people should have to wait around on earth when they "know they are saved" and can go straight to heaven.  Anyone who is truly a christian and truly believes that heaven waits in the afterlife must agree.  After all this is basically what the founder of their religion did.  Of course, he committed suicide by centurion, provoking others to kill him, but the aim was the same.  In fact, many early christians reportedly did similar things, picking fights with others to get themselves killed, so that they could go their eternal reward.   If the only thing you have to do is mouth the words, "I wuv you jebus" to get eternal bliss why would anyone want to pass up this sweet deal.  If Warren is against killing himself then I am sure he can find some gang banger to do the deed for him for a couple hits of crack.

Rick Warren's Son finally escapes dad's "Purpose-driven Life"

Rick Warren can wear his goofy Hawaiian shirts, and blather childishly about how the purpose of life is for God to love you, but apparently his son saw through the ridiculous charade.  Matthew Warren realized that it's not 100% about what God wants, as his father, god's self-appointed representative on Earth, would have you believe.  Therefore he escaped from his torments the only way he ultimately could, by taking his own life.
The purpose of my life is not for some other being to determine.  The purpose of Matthew was not be a tool for mythical god figure, or a tool for his earthly father figure.  Of course, I am sure that Matthew was a constant source of vexation for his father's simple-minded philosophy and his simple-minded creed.  Why would god intentionally make matthew's brain in such a way that he would constantly experience depression?  The go-to explanation for everything bad in the world for Christian is to blame "free will", but one cannot claim, with a straight face these days, that mental illness is all a result of free will.  Even Rick Warren acknowledges that his son seems to have been afflicted since birth with these issues.  So what are we to make of this purpose drivel that Warren has peddled like snake oil to so many millions.  What was the purpose of Matthew's life?  Did god really need Matthew to suffer for 27 years just so that he could allegedly "love" him, but not lift a finger to cure the maladies that he could effortlessly fix?
Oh many will insist that this is unfair and that I am exploiting death. But his father is in the ultimate business of exploiting death.  Religion was invented, in large part, to exploit people's fear of death and it's what his father does as a full time profession.  So I am not the one exploiting his son's death, nor am I crowing about it.  I think it's better for Matthew that he be released from his agony. I don't think for a minute that he is really in heaven, but even the oblivion of death means a laying down of all burdens.  Even that is better than the hell on earth of his apparently uncurable depression, which Warren acknowledges all the religion, and the best doctors in the world were unable to dent.
Rick Warren claims that is son told him over a decade ago that he knew he was saved, so he didn't see why he shouldn't be able to end his suffering and kill himself.  Apparently the pastor had no adequate answer for his son, and indeed Christianity has no answer for it either, since would seem like a great idea to get to heaven as soon as possible.  Their only attempt at an answer thus far has been to claim that "God said not to...that's why", like a frustrated parent to a toddler.  Such answers never satisfy even toddlers, and apparently don't satisfy the sons of pastors either.