Friday, June 15, 2012

Apple iOS6 includes gay emojis

Icons called "emojis" can be embedded in emails sent from the iPhone or the iPad.  However, the latest operating system update, iOS6, will include emojis that include images of homosexual couples holding hands or even kissing.  I have an android phone, and though I use my iPad2 quite a bit still, I don't recall ever adding an emoji to any email.  Since I'm straight, however, presumably it never would have been a problem for me to find one representing me or my wife.  So I'm glad to see that Apple is trying to include more people.  Now if they would just include some humanist or even atheist emojis.  As it turns out atheists are still one of the most unjustifiably reviled and mistrusted minorities in the US, even compared to homosexuals. 

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