Saturday, June 9, 2012

Taxed Enough Already? RU Sure? How Do You Know?

The so-called right-wing Tea Party was an anti-tax movement originally modelled on the Boston Tea Party.  They later adopted the backronym that "T.E.A" stood for "Taxed Enough Already".  However, one has to wonder, since tax rates/deductions have changed considerably in the decades since it was founding, and both state and federal budgets change from year to year, how these people know that, no matter what, they are always being taxed enough.  Have they really done studies to figure out how much taxation is "enough"?  Or are they just admitting that they hate having to pay even a single penny of taxes, because they have no concept of civic responsibility.  As noted, that is doubtful, since that would change on a regular basis depending upon factors like the budget, the economy, wars, recessions, etc.  Yet these victims insist that they are being taxed too much,, regardless of what the tax rate is.

This is just further evidence that Republicans are not serious when they talk about smaller government.  They are intentionally vague about what smaller government even means.  They have no agreed upon way to measure  how small is too small or just right.  They often try to soothe their critics by assuring them that they still want massive military spending, and a large police apparatus.  After all, someone has be their to defend the property of all those Tea Baggers so that they can keep hating the government from the privacy of their homes.  But outside of supporting unlimited defense spending, and a large police state, so long as the police are only used against their political enemies, there is no agreement on what else should be part of small government.  Some want to abolish the public school system, the federal reserve, social security, the EPA, and the NEA.  Others just want lower taxes or a flat tax, ala Herman Cain.  Remember Mr. 9 9 9?  Of course, they would still be "taxed enough", presumably, even at 9%, I am sure.  Otherwise the party would be over and they might have to get real jobs and find some other excuse for dressing up in wigs and skirts and screaming about things they don't understand.  If they want to do that, perhaps they should just go join a local theater company.

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