Saturday, June 9, 2012

Romney Ain't Reagan, He Aint Even Bush...41

Are there any conservatives who really love Romney the way that they loved Reagan?  Of course not.  It takes more than a haircut to do that.  
Are there any conservatives who even love Romney as much as Bush?  Either Bush?  Of course not.  
Romney might be a little more charismatic than Bush 41, but he is certainly no Bush 43.  Hell, he's not even McCain or Palin.  Right-wingers would probably much rather have Mrs. YouBetcha as their nominee than old square as a Picasso pear Mitt Romney.  

Plus he's a Mo..Mo...Mormon.  Many Republicans will swear on a stack of Holy Books which are coincidentally not the Book of Mormon that they don't care about that at all -- yeah right.  They're Republicans, not hippie-dippy progressives who hold hands and sing Kumbaya.  They are not exactly paragons of open-mindedness.  

They might grit their teeth and accept him since they effectively have no choice and are stuck with him as the nominee, but the idea that they really love this guy is laughable.  Can you imagine right-wingers sitting around the radio and listening to Romney the way they listen to Limbaugh, or Hannity, or Savage is beyond absurd.  To borrow a phrase from Mark Twain that he used to describe Mormonism in his day, Romney's speeches are "chloroform in print".  

Liberals might have been a little disillusioned by Obama after 4 years, but they can still find things to like about him.  Right-wingers are at a real loss to find things they like about Mitt Romney.  Back when Bush was running against Kerry the metric for likability was who you would rather have a beer with.  Well, considering that Romney is a Mormon and therefore doesn't drink, I guess Obama automatically wins that one too.  

Bush claimed that God choose him to be president, but if Romney is elected would that mean that God approves of Mormonism?  I think right-wingers need to think long and hard about that before they cast their ballot for him.  They might do better by just putting up with Obama for another 4 years instead of effectively legitimizing and boosting Mormonism on the national stage.  


  1. Desperation by the Libs. Love it.

  2. Nope, it's just a fact, which is something repugs can't handle. Nobody loves Romney the way they loved Reagan or Bush. Romney is the weakest candidate in almost a century according to members of his own party, not me. In any event, Obama's got Romney so whipped that Romney has now left the country. Hey maybe he's out talking to all the other countries where he plans to outsource American jobs to next.