Saturday, June 16, 2012

Did Mitt Romney's Face Rob A Bank or What?

One wonders when the media will finally get around to asking the question that has surely been on everyone's mind since Mitt Romney began his presidential bid.  "Dude, is that your real face, or is that the mask you just used to rob a bank?"
Perhaps the so-called mainstream media can get around to asking it, just as soon as they can stop kissing the a$$ of the latest corporate fat cat, like Jamie Dimon for five seconds.

I mean if the thing on Mitt's head is actually his real face then it would still make a good bank robbers mask anyway, considering that he has robbed many bank accounts of the corporations he bankrupted.  It would be a good bank robbers mask for the many bank accounts of the workers whose pensions he stole and whose wages he cut, before shipping their jobs to India.  

But Mitt thinks that corporations are people, and this inclines me to think that his face is not real.  It causes me to think that Mitt's face was fabricated, down to the last strand of plastic hair, to be the virtual face of the animatronic people that Mitt believes corporations to be.  

After all, when Mitt proclaimed "Corporations are people, my friend", betraying his dual ignorance of the law and his ignorance of the fact that nobody likes him, people should have asked him, "Ok then where is the body of this person that you say a corporation is?"  Of course, even first semester business law students at a community college know that a corporation is a "fictitious person".  Perhaps Mitt doesn't know what the word fictitious means.  He might have missed that day at Harvard.  Possibly he was out robbing a bank with his fake face, and couldn't be bothered to crack open a book and do some reading.  Maybe that is what gave birth to entity we know today as Mitt Romney, Incorporated that walks around like a human inside of his suits.  

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