Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fundy Mormons Still Heed Warren Jeffs from Prison

It is truly pathetic that some people are so brainwashed and weak-minded that they would follow someone like Mitt Romney....erm....I mean Warren Jeffs... in the first place.  It's even more pathetic that these same tiny minds still fear an impotent imposter like Jeffs, even from his prison cell.  Mostly we hear of gang leaders and mafia drug-lords continuing to rule their ill-gotten empires even from prison, but perhaps it is not a far stretch to say that religious cults like these Fundamentalist LDS polygamy freaks, are really not that different from a street gang when you think about it.  They have their own goofy uniforms, and their own crazy language.  More importantly, there are plenty of bonafide thugs in the FLDS who are enforcers for the church.  Plus, like most street thugs, a lot of these guys are cowards.  They love to beat down young teenage girls and have their way with them, but they couldn't handle a fight with a real man (or woman for that matter).  It really is too bad that Jeffs has survived in prison as long as he has, but I suppose that, even if he died, there would just be some new jacka$$ jockeying to succeed him.

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