Friday, November 30, 2012

Rick Warren's Purpose: Being a Bloated Windbag

Rick Warren has been tooting his own horn about his _Purpose Drivel Life_ book has been around for ten years now and is just as vacuous and useless as ever.  The only real purpose of the book appears to be to make Warren quite a bit fatter, dumber, and more smug.  Oh, and he FINALLY has stopped wearing the Hawaiian shirts and is dressing up a little more.  But he still doesn't have a clue about his purpose or anybody else's.  His big moronic revelation was supposedly that the purpose of life was to kiss God's holy hole, which is pretty much what religion has always demanded, without evidence that there is even a hole to kiss. But don't worry because Rick Warren is a big enough ahole to substitute for god on Earth.  All self-appointed representatives of God, like Warren, in actual fact have set themselves up as surrogate God to be worshipped. On that score Warren has accomplished his purpose as well, poising himself to overtake the late Jerry Fatwhale as a bloated, finger-wagging, windbag.

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