Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trump Treason and the Bad Hair Republic

Maybe Trump wants to found his own little country where everyone has bad hairpieces like him.  However, in this country when you call for revolution against your government and say that a president who clearly won the election should be prevented from taking office then that is called sedition or treason.  Free speech goes all the way up to incitement of civil war against one's own country and that is where every government in the world says, if you cross that line, then you are a pubic enemy.  Many republicans have loved to walk right on that treasonous line of hating our government and talking about their obsession with guns and gun violence as an imagined solution to any problem.  Naturally, like most trash-talkers they are too chickensh1t to actually carry out their crazy ravings.  We only see the occasional Timothy McVeigh style psycho who takes their nonsense seriously.  But just being ridiculous does not really excuse their behavior, because they are entirely serious about it.  Trump would like to see our current government abolished and replaced by dictatorship as long as, to paraphrase George W. Bush, he is the dictator.  One only has to look at the mindless, monomaniacal management style he displays on _The Apprentice_ to see that Trump is already a dictator in private affairs, and would see nothing whatsoever wrong with being in dictatorial control of the entire United States, if he had the opportunity.
Fortunately, Trump and other billionaires failed to be able to buy their puppet Romney's way into the Whitehouse.  That's why they are now talking about attempting to achieve what they could not do at the voting booth with violent insurrection.  The only thing stopping them is the fact that would certainly lose.

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