Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Romney Will Lose. 99% Will Win. GOP can GTFO

Even Gov. Christie is kissing Obama a$$.  Republicans can't figure out "why he would do that".  Gee, I'll give you one hint.  Christie knows Obama is going to win.  Duh.  Got it now.  Christie is probably already thinking about what job he wants in the Obama administration.  Christie even refused to do a rally with Romney today.

This nicely demonstrates what even many Republicans concede, which is Romney's impending defeat at the polls.  Only a small, fanatic horde of Tea Party extremists have convinced themselves that Romney is going to miraculously win.  Naturally, when he doesn't they will have to invent all kinds of sinister and dire excuses for how Obama managed to "cheat".  

It will be so gratifying to see the arrogance of republicans who have "GTFO" emblazoned on their bumperstickers, in reference to Obama instead told that they are the ones who now need to GTFO.  After all their smack talking, this is finally something that will at least momentarily shut their blustering pie holes.  Oh how sweet it will be to watch them wandering around for the next week in a deep, dark, depression, unable to fathom how the obvious could happen.  

Perhaps if they even once switched the channel from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, they might have got a little advance warning.  For example, Nate Silver at fivethirtyeight.com has been predicting at least a 70% chance of Obama winning for months, and has now upped this to 90% odds that Obama will prevail in the electoral college.  In fact, he is predicting that Obama will get over 330 electoral votes.  

Unfortunately, he is still likely to be stuck with a Republican House of Representatives, but hey, he still managed to get Obamacare passed with them in control.  The next term is still likely to be more productive.

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