Friday, November 30, 2012

High School Dudes Freak Out About Forced Hand-holding

In the give me an effin break category, these high school guys were fighting, so the principal offered them the CHOICE of either (1) being suspended or (2) Holding hands in public for 15 minutes during lunch.  Both of these guys chose to do the hand holding thing.  Now, due to the wussification of America, they are complaining that this made them "uncomfortable".  Duh.  It's a punishment.  Punishments aren't supposed to be pleasant.
What's the reason these guys felt uncomfortable, you might ask?  In part is was that other students called them "gay".  Sounds like the school has a homophobia and gay-bashing problem, but that needs to be surfaced and dealt with, instead of criticizing the action that helped to reveal the issue.

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