Friday, November 30, 2012

High School Dudes Freak Out About Forced Hand-holding

In the give me an effin break category, these high school guys were fighting, so the principal offered them the CHOICE of either (1) being suspended or (2) Holding hands in public for 15 minutes during lunch.  Both of these guys chose to do the hand holding thing.  Now, due to the wussification of America, they are complaining that this made them "uncomfortable".  Duh.  It's a punishment.  Punishments aren't supposed to be pleasant.
What's the reason these guys felt uncomfortable, you might ask?  In part is was that other students called them "gay".  Sounds like the school has a homophobia and gay-bashing problem, but that needs to be surfaced and dealt with, instead of criticizing the action that helped to reveal the issue.

Rick Warren's Purpose: Being a Bloated Windbag

Rick Warren has been tooting his own horn about his _Purpose Drivel Life_ book has been around for ten years now and is just as vacuous and useless as ever.  The only real purpose of the book appears to be to make Warren quite a bit fatter, dumber, and more smug.  Oh, and he FINALLY has stopped wearing the Hawaiian shirts and is dressing up a little more.  But he still doesn't have a clue about his purpose or anybody else's.  His big moronic revelation was supposedly that the purpose of life was to kiss God's holy hole, which is pretty much what religion has always demanded, without evidence that there is even a hole to kiss. But don't worry because Rick Warren is a big enough ahole to substitute for god on Earth.  All self-appointed representatives of God, like Warren, in actual fact have set themselves up as surrogate God to be worshipped. On that score Warren has accomplished his purpose as well, poising himself to overtake the late Jerry Fatwhale as a bloated, finger-wagging, windbag.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Fundy Mormons Still Heed Warren Jeffs from Prison

It is truly pathetic that some people are so brainwashed and weak-minded that they would follow someone like Mitt Romney....erm....I mean Warren Jeffs... in the first place.  It's even more pathetic that these same tiny minds still fear an impotent imposter like Jeffs, even from his prison cell.  Mostly we hear of gang leaders and mafia drug-lords continuing to rule their ill-gotten empires even from prison, but perhaps it is not a far stretch to say that religious cults like these Fundamentalist LDS polygamy freaks, are really not that different from a street gang when you think about it.  They have their own goofy uniforms, and their own crazy language.  More importantly, there are plenty of bonafide thugs in the FLDS who are enforcers for the church.  Plus, like most street thugs, a lot of these guys are cowards.  They love to beat down young teenage girls and have their way with them, but they couldn't handle a fight with a real man (or woman for that matter).  It really is too bad that Jeffs has survived in prison as long as he has, but I suppose that, even if he died, there would just be some new jacka$$ jockeying to succeed him.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Taliban Email Snafu exposes contacts

Taliban religious extremists and technology don't exactly go together.  Take this story of Taliban PR spokesman Qari Ahmedi, who clicked on CC instead of BCC to send out his press release last week, thus publicly broadcasting the names/email addresses of over 400 contacts to everyone who received the email.  Of course, BCC would have hidden the names of the other contacts on his mailing list, some of whom turned out to a provincial governor, a legislator, professors, and journalists.  Of course, most of these people were already quite well-known by even the most incompetent intelligence agencies.  But thanks for helping to make the jobs of even the most keystone of afghan law enforcement agencies that much easier.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Dump Trump Or Boycott Macys

With Thankgiving soon approaching, the Macy' Thanksgiving Parade will be upon us.  However, one thing our country and Macy's should not be Thankful for is the Treasonous Donald Trump who called for "revolution" when Obama was re-elected.  The issue of Trumps criminal liability for his treasonous comments will have to be settled by a court, but it does not require a court of law for Macy's to see what bad citizenship it is for them to maintain a business affiliation with Donald Trump.  Therefore, many are calling for Macy's to end their association with Trump or customers will be forced to cease all business with the store.  It's very simple:  either they dump Trump or we dump them.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Disgusting, Unhealthy Twinkies and Hostess Junk Food Liquidated

In a move sure to sadden the most unhealthy elements of society, Hostess Brands Inc., is asking a bankruptcy court to liquidate its assets, because of an on-going strike and an insufficient number of scabs to run their business.  For everyone else on the planet, including the employees themselves, this was fantastic news, since they don't need an immoral, super-low-wage job like this that poisons children and explodes public health risks for diabetes and cardiovascular disease.  Naturally, Rush Limbaugh and fellow obesity advocates who comprise the majority of the Republican Party expressed their usual outrage (over everything).

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Israel & Hamas Prepare for Holy War Again

Israeli is clearly preparing for another invasion of Gaza, in response to Hamas militants who fired hundreds of rockets in tit-for-tat retaliation against earlier Israeli airstrikes.  The cycle of violence between hard-headed Zionists, and equally intractable modern day Philistines has been going on for over 3000 years, with even the Bible documenting such squabbles.  So the idea that this latest effort will "settle things once and for all" is beyond ridiculous, rhetoric aside.

Clueless GOP monday morning QBs on Romney loss

It's really hilarious to see right-wingers offering their clueless commentary on why Romney lost.  First there was Rmoney himself, claiming that Obama bribed minorities, despite the fact that he offered trillions in tax bribes to the upper 1%.  Now disgraced former RNC head Michael Steele has decided to weigh in, obviously smelling blood and thinking he might get his old job back.  But where were his brilliant comments and criticism of Romney's ORCA software to get out the vote *before* the election?  He is apparently only able to predict disasters after they happen, as with many phoney baloney, self-appointed prophets.

Romney complains of minority "gifts", ignores Tax Bribes of GOP

Now Mr. sourgrapes, bonafide LOSER, Mitt Romney is out there furiously making excuses for his poor performance at the polls, despite spending $1 billion of his donor's money in his failed bid to unseat Obama.  The excuse he offers this time really strains credibility and the meaning of the word hypocrisy, because Romney would have us believe that Obama bribed minority voters with goodies from the public coffers.   This is coming from corporate raider Mitt Rmoney, who promised trillions in tax cuts to the 1%.  This, BTW, has been the republican "gift" formula that has worked for them for the last 30 years, as they raided the US treasury and declared, ala former standard bearer Dick Cheney, "You know, Paul, Reagan proved that deficits don't matter. We won the mid-term elections, this is our due."  I guess Romney expects that quote has already disappeared down the memory hole.
The primary difference is that at least Obama's "gifts" actually made it to people other than the super-rich.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Trump Treason and the Bad Hair Republic

Maybe Trump wants to found his own little country where everyone has bad hairpieces like him.  However, in this country when you call for revolution against your government and say that a president who clearly won the election should be prevented from taking office then that is called sedition or treason.  Free speech goes all the way up to incitement of civil war against one's own country and that is where every government in the world says, if you cross that line, then you are a pubic enemy.  Many republicans have loved to walk right on that treasonous line of hating our government and talking about their obsession with guns and gun violence as an imagined solution to any problem.  Naturally, like most trash-talkers they are too chickensh1t to actually carry out their crazy ravings.  We only see the occasional Timothy McVeigh style psycho who takes their nonsense seriously.  But just being ridiculous does not really excuse their behavior, because they are entirely serious about it.  Trump would like to see our current government abolished and replaced by dictatorship as long as, to paraphrase George W. Bush, he is the dictator.  One only has to look at the mindless, monomaniacal management style he displays on _The Apprentice_ to see that Trump is already a dictator in private affairs, and would see nothing whatsoever wrong with being in dictatorial control of the entire United States, if he had the opportunity.
Fortunately, Trump and other billionaires failed to be able to buy their puppet Romney's way into the Whitehouse.  That's why they are now talking about attempting to achieve what they could not do at the voting booth with violent insurrection.  The only thing stopping them is the fact that would certainly lose.

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Antichrist Paul Ryan will run for prez in 2016

Antichrist Paul Ryan will return to run for president in 2016 in an attempt to usher in the End Times.  You can count on in.  His Satanic, Ayn Randite minions are bent on destroying this government and replacing it with despotic rule.  BWAHAHA!  At least we have a few years to prepare ourselves.

Mitt Beaten Like an Outsourced Sweatshop Worker

Mitt got beaten so hard by Obama last night that he must have at least momentarily been able to imagine what it would be like to live in one of the overseas sweatshops to which he outsourced overseas.  Mitt made his fortune selling out America and now he is the one who got voted off the island.  Karma is a b1tch, Mitt!  You have finally started to reap what you have sowed.  That's a big change because normally he has just done a hostile takeover of what other people have sown.  I can't say that anyone will miss old Mitt either.  Back to crazy Mormon land for you.

Big Bird to Romney: U Got Cancelled, Beeotch!

Mitt Romney moronically proposed cancelling Big Bird as a way to save money, but last night, voters cancelled Mitt Romney and his campaign of non-stop, shameless lies.   When reached for comment, Big Bird responded, "Look who's cancelled now, Mitt?  You are.  L. O. S. E. R.  That spells you."

Mitt famously proposed cancelling PBS with a straight face and then tried to complain that people weren't being "serious" when they mocked him.  Gee, sounds like YOU shouldn't have BROUGHT IT UP in the FIRST PLACE if you didn't want people to mock it.  How about taking some of that "personal responsibility" you always babble about.  Oh, yeah...that's for other people, not you, eh?  Well good riddance to you then.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Romney Will Lose. 99% Will Win. GOP can GTFO

Even Gov. Christie is kissing Obama a$$.  Republicans can't figure out "why he would do that".  Gee, I'll give you one hint.  Christie knows Obama is going to win.  Duh.  Got it now.  Christie is probably already thinking about what job he wants in the Obama administration.  Christie even refused to do a rally with Romney today.

This nicely demonstrates what even many Republicans concede, which is Romney's impending defeat at the polls.  Only a small, fanatic horde of Tea Party extremists have convinced themselves that Romney is going to miraculously win.  Naturally, when he doesn't they will have to invent all kinds of sinister and dire excuses for how Obama managed to "cheat".  

It will be so gratifying to see the arrogance of republicans who have "GTFO" emblazoned on their bumperstickers, in reference to Obama instead told that they are the ones who now need to GTFO.  After all their smack talking, this is finally something that will at least momentarily shut their blustering pie holes.  Oh how sweet it will be to watch them wandering around for the next week in a deep, dark, depression, unable to fathom how the obvious could happen.  

Perhaps if they even once switched the channel from Fox News or Rush Limbaugh, they might have got a little advance warning.  For example, Nate Silver at has been predicting at least a 70% chance of Obama winning for months, and has now upped this to 90% odds that Obama will prevail in the electoral college.  In fact, he is predicting that Obama will get over 330 electoral votes.  

Unfortunately, he is still likely to be stuck with a Republican House of Representatives, but hey, he still managed to get Obamacare passed with them in control.  The next term is still likely to be more productive.