Monday, May 23, 2011

Camping to speak out of his Nostradumbass tonight

Reports now indicate that Harold Camping is planning to put out an official statement today, and has given brief comments to several news organizations, promising to tell them more in his "open forum" later tonight. It doesn't sound like it will amount to much. After all, he still believes this event is imminent, and he still apparently believes that the time of its occurrence can be determined from the creative interpretation of various bible passages. So, he is really only sorry about being wrong, in all probability, he is unrepentant and will give it another shot in the future, though it's likely that most people will find his message even less credible than before.

One (not so) creative excuse from Family Radio employee Michael Garcia for the "delay" or LAPSE in the apocaLAPSE is that god is doing it to separate those who have faith from those who don't. However, it's not clear how such a delay would accomplish this. People from Family Radio undoubtedly had FAITH, even though it was MISPLACED faith that turned out to be completely FALSE. Other people without FAITH in this prediction turned out to be correct. Why should god punish people for not believing Camping's falsehood, when that is, in point of fact (not faith), the correct position to have taken. How would it make us better people to have believed Camping's lie?

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